Author - Anthony Guma

Anthony GumaHello, guys! It’s Anthony Guma. I can’t say that I am a professional mechanist, but I do claim that I know a thing or two about the best possible parts that your vehicle may need. I know how many truck providers there are on the market, and I also know that not all of them are equal in quality, power, cost, and so on. My main purpose here is to provide you with the up-to-date information about the parts I deem worthy of your attention despite the brand or price range, judging by the quality purely. Whether it is a new kinetic rope, portable air compressor, spark plugs, sturdy bumper, and so on that you are looking for – you will certainly find some useful and interesting bit of information here!


Semi Lug Nut Size Guide

Semi lug nuts are a type of wheel nut that is used in many different types of vehicle wheels. They have a larger diameter than standard lug nuts and a unique...


Jeep 3.7L Firing Order

What is a Firing Order? It’s no secret that the heart of any car is the engine. That’s what makes vehicles, no matter how big or small, move. Arguably, the...