Dodge Ram Air Conditioning Problems

Dodge Ram Air Conditioning Problems

The Dodge Ram is a popular truck that many people love. The problem, though, is that the air conditioning system can have problems during the summer months. If you are a driver who needs to keep their interior cool in these sweltering conditions, then we have some good news for you!

Find out the best ways to keep your Dodge Ram air conditioning running smoothly. With these tips for keeping up on regular auto maintenance, it’s easy to dodge any potential problems before they’re an issue!

Dodge Ram Air Conditioning ProblemsMaintaining your car’s air conditioning system is important, especially on a hot summer day when it might not be working as well. You can use an engine coolant conditioner to provide extra protection against corrosion, which may occur in the cylinders of the vehicle’s cooling system because they are cooled by water instead of oil. If you’re looking for quicker results that last longer, adding refrigerant is recommended. It should also be noted that while this provides quick relief, eventually those leaks or cracks must be fixed; otherwise all your hard work will have been for naught.

Driving safely is the best way to avoid Dodge Ram Air Conditioning problems, and it’s a simple thing that most of us forget when we’re in such a hurry or distracted by our cell phones. You can also help keep your car cool for longer periods of time with precautions like shutting windows during heavy traffic; limiting music volume so you don’t have to turn on air circulation; turning off interior lights, mirrors, etc.; keeping pets inside the vehicle Dodge Ram Air Conditioning Problemsinstead of letting them ride outside where they will get hot under their fur coat (dogs pant like crazy which isn’t good), and rolling up window shades to prevent direct sunlight from heating up your car. These are all quick ways to make sure your car stays cool when you’re on the go.

Another way to avoid Dodge Ram Air Conditioning problems is by not killing your car, which happens often if you neglect it and don’t regularly change its oil or fluids–especially during very hot days where cars can overheat in a matter of minutes! Always check your engine oil; make sure there’s enough antifreeze and that the battery has been recently charged; keep tires inflated properly so they won’t leak air (which will cause heat buildup); inspect hoses for leaks, cracks or wear; replace worn belts as needed; clean out debris like leaves from under the hood etc.; check windshield wiper blades before taking off because dirty windows are always worse in the summertime; and finally, have your air conditioning system checked or serviced before it breaks down.


It’s important to maintain your car so you can avoid Dodge Ram Air Conditioning problems in the future, and this includes regularly changing your vehicle’s air filter (about every 30-40k miles). This will help keep dust particles from getting into the system which would eventually choke off airflow for your engine–especially if it’s a diesel like many of today’s models are. You may need to replace these filters more often during summertime because they get clogged up faster with dirt and debris that blows around when driving on dusty roads or near construction sites etc.

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