Fixing a Tire That Went Flat Overnight

Fixing a Tire That Went Flat Overnight

A flat tire is never a welcome sight, especially if you find it in the morning when you go to use your vehicle after it has been parked overnight. A flat tire can be a huge inconvenience and is often something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Fortunately, fixing a tire that went flat overnight can usually be done in just a few simple steps and requires only basic tools and supplies. Read on for an overview of how to fix your tire quickly and safely.

What Causes Tires to Go Flat Overnight?

A tire going flat overnight could happen due to a few different reasons, but the most common are:

  • Punctures – If your tire has suffered any kind of puncture, this could cause air to leak out slowly over time until your tire is completely deflated.

  • Incorrectly Inflated Tires – If your tires were not inflated properly, they may have lost too much air pressure overnight due to natural temperature changes or other environmental factors such as moisture or dust particles getting stuck in the valve stem or elsewhere on the tires surface which would block air from escaping or entering properly.

What Do You Need to Fix Your Tire?

Fixing a Tire That Went Flat OvernightTo fix a tire that went flat overnight, you will need the following items:

  • Tire Pressure Gauge – This is used to measure the air pressure in your tires.

  • Air Compressor – This is used to pump air back into the tire.

  • Tire Plug Kit – This contains a plug and an insertion tool that can be used to patch up any punctures in your tire.

  • Wrench – This is needed to remove the wheel from the vehicle so that you can access and inspect the tire for any punctures or other damage.

Step-by-Step Guide for Fixing Your Tire

  • Park your vehicle on level ground, away from any objects or obstacles, such as curbs or walls, which will make it difficult for you to work on your wheel and tire assembly safely and easily.

  • Use a wrench to loosen the wheel bolts until they are just loose enough for you to unscrew them by hand without risking injury or damaging them further with additional force being applied with a wrench or other tool.

  • Unscrew all of the wheel bolts completely and then remove the wheel from its axle so that you can inspect the tire for any punctures or other damage.
  • If you can see a puncture in the tire, get your tire plug kit and use the insertion tool to insert a plug into the puncture. This will prevent air from leaking out of the tire and will hold until you are able to replace your tire with a new one.

  • Once you have plugged any punctures, check your tires air pressure using a tire pressure gauge and use an air compressor to add more air as necessary until your tires are inflated properly according to the recommended levels found on your vehicles placard or in its owners manual.

  • Finally, put your wheel back onto its axle and make sure it is secured correctly by tightening all of its bolts securely with a wrench or other tool if necessary.


Fixing a flat tire that went flat overnight is usually not too difficult if you have all of the right tools and supplies available, as well as following this step-by-step guide for how to do it safely and correctly. It may take some time depending on what caused it to go flat in the first place, but with patience and care, getting your tires back up and running again should be a breeze.

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