How to Adjust Headlight Beam Height on Ford Explorer

How to Adjust Headlight Beam Height on Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer was made in 2001 up through 2013 but there are some differences between years so make sure you know which one applies to yours before proceeding. This article does not apply to any vehicles other than those mentioned above due to being specific about certain model year details.

Over time many people have complained that their headlights are too low from the factory, so they find it hard to see what is coming and going with their high beams. There may not be enough room in some vehicles such as SUVs or trucks but luckily Ford has made modifications so that people can still adjust this height without having to modify anything!

How to Adjust Headlight Beam Height on Ford ExplorerLet’s start with opening your hood, going to the back of your headlight housing where you will turn a knob on top of them until you find what works best for desired beam height. Often times there are different elevation options available so experiment around and see which one suits you better! Once completed make sure to close your hood after finishing adjusting these settings.

  • Turn on your headlights and position the car so that you can see both of them in the rearview mirror

  • Move each headlight up, down, left or right to achieve a good level beam height adjustment –  then turn off the headlights.

  • Repeat this process with your other headlight to complete the adjustment Be sure not to over adjust as it could cause glare for other drivers which is illegal! For some vehicles this may mean making small adjustments while others might require more significant ones. When you’ve found an ideal spot with one light, move on to the other until they are even again.

Remember: if there is too much difference between beams then adjusting should be done by moving the higher beam downwards and vice versa;

  • When satisfied with levels now turn off headlights and try them out in the dark!

Why It Is So Important to Adjust Headlight Beam Height on Ford Explorer?

Even if you’re not experiencing any issues with your headlights, adjusting them can make the job of driving at night much easier. The headlight beams cut through darkness and allow you to see obstacles in front of you, doing their job for you already! With that being said, why would someone want a different height setting? Well there are many reasons one may decide on this course of action: Perhaps they car is showing signs of wear-and-tear from years or travel or maybe first bumper replacement was less than perfect because installer didn’t take into account how high new bumpers added onto car should be set up; anything could cause someone to want a different height setting.


Now you have a little more knowledge on how to adjust headlight beam height, go take advantage of it. It will raise your awareness level and help keep you safe. There should now be more visibility when driving at night due to higher-quality headlights!

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