How to Choose the Right Exhaust System
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How to Choose the Right Exhaust System

A very important element of any truck, regardless of its type, model, or brand, is the Best Exhaust for Ford Diesel Truck. This system allows the motor to run properly, helps reduce harmful emissions, and at the same time increases the comfort of driving the vehicle. A truck’s exhaust system needs to be properly taken care of so that it best fulfills its assigned roles. This is why it is very important to choose the right exhaust system. Today I will tell you in detail how to do it right. Let’s go!

As you know, exhaust systems have the function of removing exhaust gases from the combustion chamber and muffling the sound of the exhaust. In addition, the exhaust system is designed to neutralize toxic parts. One of the major parts of exhaust systems is exhaust mufflers for trucks. Nowadays Exhaust for 6.7 Cummins is still being perfected by their manufacturers, so they can perform many more functions than they did just a few years ago. Exhaust systems are designed to continuously pump exhaust gases out of a vehicle’s engine while lowering noise levels. Their purpose is to minimize emissions of compounds harmful to the environment and human health from the combustion of fuel in the motor. They also have the effect of optimizing engine performance. But have you ever wondered why parts break?

How to Choose the Right Exhaust SystemWhy Do Exhaust System Parts Break Down?

The most common cause of failure is natural wear and tear and exhaust end of life. On quality trucks, all the parts of the muffler and exhaust work at least 150,000 km or 10 years. But these terms may be corrected by difficult operating conditions, storage of trucks in the improperly ventilated garages. The exhaust system also has several complicated damages, related to the mechanism of gas purification.

The most expensive and often problematic elements are as follows:

  • Catalysts – replacement as a package can be expensive, and many owners remove them from the system;
  • EGR valves – an environmental gimmick that is expensive and often short-lived;
  • Exhaust gas recirculation systems complete with those very EGR valves;
  • Mufflers, resonators – popular items in the repair of older trucks.

Corrosion easily damages pipes and other system parts. Manufacturers often skimp on protecting metal from rust and use rather thin metal. This leads to quick failure of the muffler pipes and additional costs to the owner.

Components of The Exhaust System

The Best Exhaust System in a truck consists of the following components: the exhaust manifold, muffler, exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, and possibly a diesel particulate filter (DPF), which, however, is only used in modern diesel motor designs.

The first component of the system is the exhaust manifold, whose task is to collect exhaust gases from adjacent cylinders into a common pipe or turbine intake nozzle on turbocharged engines.

The other part of the exhaust system is the part that in everyday language is called the catalytic converter. Its purpose is to convert poisonous gases, which include carbon monoxides, into neutral carbon dioxide, steam, and pure nitrogen.

The next segments of the system are the conventional pipes and mufflers, which are usually connected in series. There are two types of mufflers currently in use, namely absorption mufflers and chamber mufflers. The former is responsible for suppressing high frequencies of sound and the chamber mufflers are responsible for suppressing low frequencies. It is possible to use a combination of both mufflers at the same time.

How to Choose the Right Exhaust System

Diesel motors of the latest generation, as mentioned above, use a diesel particulate filter, the so-called DPF. It is a very interesting device; whose main task is to capture very harmful particles from the exhaust gases. Thanks to its special design, DPF filters are able to clean themselves, so when the filter is heavily contaminated, the motor control unit gives the engine an extra dose of fuel, which raises the temperature in the filter and instantly burns off the soot that has accumulated. This system ensures a very long filter life without the need to remove and clean it manually or replace it.

How to Choose Quality Elements for The Exhaust System?

he most expensive and frequently broken elements of this system as mentioned above can safely include catalytic converters, EGR valves, resonators, mufflers, gas recirculation systems. Corrosion does not spare any of these elements, as many manufacturers do not pay proper attention to the protection of metal parts from rust. In order to replace unusable elements, you must first select them correctly.

Finding new parts

Finding a new intake pipe, and gaskets are fairly easy. You need to find parts that are exactly the same as the original parts. The easiest way to find them is at online stores. You can search by:

  • Part code;
  • Truck parameters.

How to Choose the Right Exhaust SystemSince the truck enthusiast probably has no codes, all they have to do is to search according to the parameters of the truck. One should consider not only the brand, model, and technical parameters of the power unit, but also the year of manufacture and configuration – these filters are not mandatory, but they help the search engine of the online store or marketplace to narrow down the search and get a more accurate result. Once you have found a few receiver tubes, pay attention to:

  • Type of fixtures;
  • The cross-sectional diameter of the main tube, as well as the number and lengths of the individual tubes;
  • The basic material;
  • Manufacturer’s firm.

The first two parameters should match the parameters of your existing pipe. As for materials, here experts and ordinary motorists differ in opinion. Many votes for stainless steel or aluminum alloy intake pipes, but ferrous pipes are not much inferior. If you are trying to turn your truck into a sports truck, it is best to use pipes created of aluminum alloys – they are the lightest. And as for the manufacturing firms, then the situation is even more complicated. It is better to give preference to the products of a well-known company. Well-proven are intake pipes from:

  • Polmostrow (Poland);
  • Bosal (Belgium);
  • JP Group (Denmark).

Surprisingly, even the products of lower-tier packers can boast a decent quality. The fact is that there are few reliable producers of exhaust system elements. That’s why packers try to work with them. When choosing gaskets, pay attention to the products of Bosal (Belgium), Ajusa (Spain), Klarius (UK), and Georg Fischer (Switzerland). As practice shows the best pipes are produced by Polish Polmostrow, and rings and gaskets – by Belgian Bosal and already mentioned firm Polmostrow. If you do not know what to choose, give preference to the Polish product or the original.

The exhaust pipes

The exhaust pipe is an important element of the truck exhaust system. It can be conventionally called the middle part of the system. The gases from several pipes converge here, and then move on through the system, where special electronics analyze their composition, the catalyst changes the composition for the better, and the muffler neutralizes the noise. Despite the fact that the intake pipe is in the middle of the system, it doesn’t fail very often. If a driver faces such a problem, he should turn to the service station as soon as possible. It is not safe to operate a truck with a faulty intake pipe, and such a problem precedes a costly repair. If it is ignored for a long time, of course. It is not difficult to choose a new windpipe. A limited number of firms produce them, and all can boast of a decent quality of their products. If you doubt the analogs, take the original – it will not cost much more.

The muffler

So, when selecting parts of the exhaust system in the first place you should pay attention to the quality of materials from which they are made. Most manufacturers mainly use the following materials:

  • Stainless steel;
  • Aluminized steel;
  • Aluzinc steel;
  • Regular steel.

The bulk of quality mufflers for trucks are made of aluminized steel. This steel is much better at resisting corrosion than conventional steel.

Equally, an important criterion is the muffler’s internal design. Externally, the parts from different manufacturers may be similar, but how effectively and how long they will work on the truck depends on the following factors:

  • The internal construction of the muffler’s baffles and perforated pipes, and their suitability for the exact exhaust system that is installed on the vehicle in question;
  • Quality of the sound-absorbing packing, its heat resistance, density, and resistance to blowing out;
  • The volume of the working silencer body;

You can quickly assess the quality of the muffler by the following signs:

  • By weight – the lighter, the usually worse;
  • In appearance – the muffler needs to be as similar as possible to the original and the shape and size;
  • The quality of the assembly – a decent quality of welds and the absence of folds on the pipes;
  • In the presence of a stamp of the manufacturer – should be not just glued paper, namely stamped out the logo;
  • Also, silencers painted with silver paint, deformed, with rusty areas must be suspicious;
  • The price of a muffler.

You mustn’t look for the cheapest muffler – there is a certain price level, below which a quality part cannot cost. The cheapest mufflers, as a rule, are not suitable for operation.

That’s It!

The exhaust system of a truck is a multi-component system. In any country, almost every transport owner, no matter domestic or foreign, sooner or later is faced with the repair or replacement of some of its parts. In particular, it concerns trucks older than three years. That’s why today I have considered in detail the question of selecting the right exhaust system. Agree, in fact, it is not so difficult, however, some nuances are still present. I hope that you won’t have any more problems with choosing an exhaust system for your truck and that you will quickly cope with this task after reading this article. I also hope it was very helpful and informative for you. Now you can share your opinion on choosing the most suitable exhaust system and send this article to your friends! Have a great trip!

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