How to Choose the Right LED Headlight for F150
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How to Choose the Right LED Headlight for F150

It’s a common misconception among regular drivers that you only need lights when it’s dark outside. However, folks in the far north with blizzards and piles of snow or in the hot, humid and foggy areas know that this isn’t really true. That’s why it’s very important to get the right set of headlights for your truck. Now, the entry-level F150 trims come with built-in halogen lights.

These aren’t very bright, long-lasting, or reliable. The good news is – with the Best LED Headlights for F150, you won’t have to worry about the road, no matter how challenging it might be. So, in this post, you’ll learn how to choose the perfect set of LEDs for your vehicle. We’ll break it down to a list of essential factors like brightness, pricing, lifespan, and more.


How do you measure the brightness of the headlights? How do you know whether they’ll be a good pick, or not? That’s where lumens come in. We use this term to describe the brightness of LEDs (or any other source of light). Usually, brands use the shorter version – LM. You can find all the necessary information in the specifications. Pay extra attention to two things: high beam, and low beam.

How to Choose the Right LED Headlight for F150

For the high beams, 4-7K LM is the optimal brightness; for the low beams – 3-5K LM (anything lower than that might not be bright enough to illuminate the road).


Did you know that LED headlights have an extended lifespan? They do, and the average set can last for up to ten years, or more, depending on how often you turn the lights on. If you see 50K hours in the specs, that’s great news. Bulbs that can go on for that long won’t need a replacement for a long time. Right now, 50 thousand hours is the industry standard and I strongly recommend against buying LEDs that have a shorter lifespan.


How to Choose the Right LED Headlight for F150If you mainly drive on rough terrain, the headlights must be protected against weather elements like water, dust, sand, rust/corrosion, and shock. It’s safe to say that water (rain, snow, and humidity) is the biggest enemy of modern-day LEDs. It is equally dangerous for the casings, the brackets, and the actual bulbs. Rust mainly affects the metallic parts, while sand and dust always find their way into the tightest spots and ruin the electronics.

Also, make sure the lenses are scratch-resistant; otherwise, they won’t be able to “handle” all the debris, bushes, and trees on the path. As for the main body, go for the all-weather design that features sealed housing. An effective heat dissipation system will be a part of the deal as well. Yes, LED headlight bulbs tend to get really hot when you run them for a couple of hours, no matter how cold it is outside.

Pricing and Warranty

150 US dollars – that’s the price limit that I always set for myself when shopping for aftermarket LEDs. Anything that costs more than 200-250 bucks will either be an over-the-top customized set (which most F150 drivers don’t need), or a set that includes four or more headlights. And what about setting the lower limit? For me, that’s $80-90. Thanks to the strong competition on the market, you can get an amazing pack of LEDs for as low as 80 dollars.

How to Choose the Right LED Headlight for F150I don’t recommend going lower than that, though. Since brands usually sell lights in a pair of two, a set that’s available for, say, $65 shouldn’t be trusted. Keep these numbers in mind: they will help you navigate through the different options and find the best investment for your money. As for the warranties, look for a manufacturer that backs its LEDs with a 30-day return guarantee, or, better yet, a refund policy.

A standard one-year guarantee would also be great. Some companies include a quality, perfect fit, and defect warranty, which protect the buyers and ensure they get their money’s worth. One more thing: to avoid angry police officers and hefty tickets, look for LEDs that are DOT-approved/certified. If they’re not, law enforcement will have every right to stop your F150 and charge you.

Ease of Installation

And don’t forget to check the specs to make sure you’re getting the right LEDs for your truck. That’s right: no matter how great a set of headlights might look, if it’s not compatible with the F150, there will be no point in buying it. Be thorough about this: select the exact make, model, and year of your vehicle, not just the nameplate. This way, the installation process will be very smooth and straightforward.

On average, new lights can be installed in 30-60 minutes, depending on your skills. And if it’s not a 100% direct fit, you’ll have to drill in new holes for the bolts/screws, buy expensive brackets, and maybe even a wire harness.

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