How to Drain a Jeep Liberty Radiator

If you are a mechanic, the steps below should be able to help. However, if you are not mechanically inclined or caring for an older vehicle, it is probably best to take your car into a shop and have them do this work for you. This blog post will show how to drain the radiator on a Jeep Liberty without taking off any hoses. If you want more information about other procedures related to car care check out our blog page!

Drain the radiator


The first step in draining your Jeep Liberty radiator is to remove the overflow reservoir cap.


Drain the radiator#2The next step is to open the radiator drain petcock valve on top of the radiator.


Now, it’s time for you to use a funnel and pour water into the radiator until all air bubbles have been released from inside.


Once that has happened, you will need to unscrew and remove the lower hose clamp at the bottom of your Jeep Liberty’s engine bay. This will allow for any remaining water within your system to be drained out through this opening when turned off.

You have drained all the fluid from the radiator.

What to do next?

The last thing left before refilling with coolant would be removing both upper clamps on either side of your vehicle, as these are where the radiator hoses are connected to.

What to do nextOnce the clamps have been removed, open and close your Jeep Liberty’s hood for about five minutes so air can be released from the system. Now that you’ve done everything needed to drain a Jeep Liberty radiator, all that is left is refilling with coolant!

The best type of coolant to use would depend on where you live in North America or Europe because there are different climates that require different types of cooling agents as well as other factors such as engine size and age.

And how much radiator fluid do you need for a Jeep Liberty?

If you are looking to add fluid to your radiator, the best thing would be to take a look at how much is currently there. If it’s below half full or barely any liquid left, then that means you’ll need more coolant and will want to fill up accordingly. The other way of determining how much coolant should go into your Jeep Liberty would be by checking if the overflow reservoir on top of your engine has been filled with water during this process. In order for the air bubbles (which can become trapped) not to enter back into the system when adding new coolant, make sure all openings have been sealed off tightly before starting the car again.

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