How to Fill a Torque Converter
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How to Fill a Torque Converter?

Torque converters also referred to as stall converters do one very important job. They transfer power from the engine of the car to the transmission. Converters do this by pushing oil through a transmission-side turbine. And they will keep doing this until that turbine has to move in order to pass fluid. Some transmissions come with a lock-up torque converter or torque converter drain plug.

That makes it easier to fill those torque convertors without having the transmission removed from your car. The bad news is, most transmissions out there don’t provide these options. So, most likely, it will take time, skills, and effort for you filling torque converter. Especially if you’re considering how to fill torque converter 4l60e, which may have its specific nuances. Don’t worry, though: we have a detailed guide on how to do that:

So what should I do to fill my torque converter?

Here is how to fill a torque converter: follow our step-by-step guide to see it through:

  • Facing the torque converter and applying slight pressure, grasp the converter with both hands and pull it towards you

  • Now, maintaining the pressure, turn the torque converter counterclockwise. Keep turning it until you hear a sharp click and the torque moves toward you +/- half a centimeter

  • How to Fill a Torque ConverterYou’re doing a good job, keep turning the torque converter counter-clockwise

  • At some point, if you don’t stop turning, the torque converter will slide off the transmission input shaft. That’s what we need

  • Now, put it on a flat, dry, and well-lit surface and turn the torque converter so the big hole in the converter is facing upward

  • Fill the converter with the right fluid and quickly put it back into the transmission input shaft

  • Turn the torque converter clockwise, applying a little bit of pressure until you hear another sharp click

  • Keep turning the converter clockwise until there is a third sharp click. After that, give it a couple of extra turns to secure it.

For those specifically looking at how to fill torque converter 4l60e, it’s essential to use the recommended transmission fluid and be aware of the unique filling procedures or capacities that the 4L60E might have. Always refer to the vehicle’s service manual for the most accurate guidance.

Only Use Premium-Quality Oil

That’s pretty much it! If you feel like it’s too difficult for you, don’t hesitate to take the vehicle to a local auto repair shop and let the pros deal with it. Also, we recommend against using low-quality oil to save some money. Lucky for us, drivers, even the best oil for 5.4 Triton, RAM 5.7, or Ford 3.5 is available at an affordable price. You can order it online or buy it at a physical store.

Summing up, filling a torque converter doesn’t have to be expensive. But it does require a certain level of responsibility. If you fill it with cheap oil, this may lead to poor performance and even more severe consequences in the long run. So, follow our instructions on filling the torque converter, invest in decent-quality oil, and enjoy the ride! This way, you’ll get to avoid hefty repair checks by taking care of your car.

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