How to Install Led Light Bar on Ford F150 01

How to Install Led Light Bar on Ford F150

The Ford F-150 is a popular truck, and for good reason. It’s tough, reliable, has plenty of power to tow or haul heavy loads, and comes with an array of standard features that make it easy to live with on a day-to-day basis. But one thing you might not know is how easy it can be to install LED light bars on the truck.

LED light bars are great for off-road driving at night. Their powerful lights illuminate the trail ahead and also provide a nice look to your truck’s exterior. Installing them is easy, but do it wrong and they will not work right or may even damage parts of your vehicle. This guide should help you avoid those situations when installing LED light bar on Ford F150 as well as some common issues that people face while doing so. Read here How To Choose LED Light Bar for Ford F150.

How to Install Led Light Bar on Ford F150

Step #01 – Remove the Grill from Your Car

How to Install Led Light Bar on Ford F150 You cannot fit any LED light bar into place without removing this first because there is no room in front of the car where grills go. The easiest way to do this is with a flat head screwdriver. Unscrew the two bolts on top of your grill and slide it out from under its frame. Save these screws in case you want to put your grill back later on, which some people like to do for aesthetic reasons or because they are afraid that removing their grill will damage their car further.

Step #02 – Pick Your Light Bar

LED light bars come in different sizes so make sure you pick one that fits well into the space available behind your grills before buying! Some models can be adjusted vertically so they fit more tightly against first row lights while others cannot be moved at all. That being said, there not really be any problems with most models so just go with your favorite.

Step #03 – Connect Your LED Light Bar to the Power Source of First Row Lights

Most Ford F150 trucks have first row lights that are powered by a single wire connected directly to their battery, which is located under the hood. That means you can connect strobe light bar straight into this connection and it will work immediately! All you need to do is hook up one end of an extension cord into both ends (the power source and LED light bar) then plug them in together on opposite sides of your grill’s frame. It should be very simple. Be careful not to touch any metal while doing this as touching these parts could result in electric shock or even death.

Step #04 – Put the Grill Back in Place and Reattach Bolts if Needed

Put your grill back into place, secure it with its bolts then turn on your first row lights to see if everything works as expected. If not, check to make sure that you have connected all parts correctly. Otherwise, try reattaching some of them again or replacing damaged ones because they may need maintenance or replacement for full functionality. Follow these steps and you should be able to install LED light bar on Ford F150 easily!


In conclusion, you should remember that when installing an LED light bar on your truck’s during nighttime activities a mounting system is necessary. You will also need to wire the lights correctly and apply them properly. That said, it isn’t too difficult of a task if you follow all these steps carefully and have the proper tools at hand. Once completed successfully without any issues (and with as little downtime as possible), everyone in your family can enjoy driving during nighttime activities such as hunting trips or camping expeditions!

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