How to Keep Luggage Dry in Truck Bed
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How to Keep Luggage Dry in Truck Bed

If you’re an avid traveler like my family, then you know how frustrating it can be to lug your luggage around town. But, with these 5 simple ways on how to keep your luggage dry in the truck bed of a pick-up truck, we’ll let you focus on more important things than figuring out what clothes and other items are getting wet from the rain or snow. Also You can see how to install tonneau cover.

There are many options to consider when trying to keep luggage dry in a pick-up truck bed, but it ultimately comes down to what type of climate you live in and how often you plan on using this option.  

Tonneau cover

How to Keep Luggage Dry in Truck Bed A tonneau cover can be a great way to protect your luggage from rain and snow. This is not the most secure option, but it does prevent elements from coming into the truck bed through its open tailgate.

It also provides protection for gear in other parts of your vehicle like roof racks or floors that are protected by a Bedliner.

The downside to this is that the truck bed will not be as open for storage. The cover can also make it more difficult to access items in your vehicle, which may or may not be a problem depending on how you use your truck bed.

Truck bag

A truck bag is a great way to store luggage in your vehicle. It will provide protection from the elements and keep the rain out of the cargo area. The downside is that this option does take up more space when you are not using it, so make sure you have room for both a trunk or hatchback bag as well as something like a Truck Bed Bag.

A truck bag also negates the need to use a tonneau cover, but it can be difficult to access items that are stored in the bed of your vehicle through its open tailgate.

This option is great for those who live in warmer climates and want something quick and easy to keep their luggage dry on long road trips.

Make a truck bed riser

How to Keep Luggage Dry in Truck Bed One great way to keep items dry in the back of your truck bed is by making a riser at the bottom of your cargo area. This will allow water and dirt that may have been tracked into the vehicle from outside not only to be kept off some of your more delicate objects but also leave behind less mess as you take it out for the day. This option does take a little more time and will also require the use of some materials, but it is worth considering depending on your needs.

Be sure to measure first so that you know what dimensions you need for the riser as well as how many layers are needed in order to get desired height. As always, be aware of any items that may not be compatible with this type of setup so you can make the necessary adjustments.

The old tarp and bungee method

A tarp and bungee can be a great way to keep your items dry in the back of your truck. This method is easy, cheap, and quick to set up but won’t How to Keep Luggage Dry in Truck Bed provide protection from other elements like snow or overflow that may happen as you drive down the road. Be sure to use smaller materials so they will fit in your truck bed and won’t rub against the objects you are trying to protect.

A tarp can also be used in conjunction with another option like a contractor bag or Truck Bed Bag as an added layer of protection from outside elements.

This is by far one of the cheapest options available, but it will not provide any type of insulation for your items.


Now you know a few simple ways to keep your luggage dry in the best truck tonneau cover, so you can finally hit the road and continue your adventures without constantly worrying about keeping your luggage safe from unexpected heavy rain.

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