How to Remove White Smoke from Exhaust When Starting Car

How to Remove White Smoke from Exhaust When Starting Car

It can be really frustrating to drive a car that has white smoke coming from the exhaust. Not only is it an unpleasant sight, but it also means that there is something wrong with your engine. The good news is that removing white smoke from your exhaust when starting a car isn’t difficult – here are some steps you should take in order to remove the white smoke and get back on the road as soon as possible.

The white smoke that appears when you start your car is a result of incomplete combustion. It can be caused by: poor fuel quality, worn spark plugs, lack of engine oil or coolant, a faulty air filter and more. If the problem persists after checking these items then it’s likely something they’re not able to How to Remove White Smoke from Exhaust When Starting Carrepair at home without some additional help from professionals like an auto mechanic. For now here are some ways to remove the white smoke coming out from under your hood so you’ll feel confident driving around town or on long trips with family and friends for spring break!

  • Change Your Air Filter – A clean air filter will improve mileage as well as keep exhaust emissions low enough to avoid creating such thick plumes of white smoke.

  • Add Extra Engine Oil – If you’re low on engine oil, adding a little extra will help your car keep the combustion process from deteriorating and producing white smoke as well as provide an additional level of safety in case something else goes wrong while driving down the road.
  • “Gas Treatment” Chemicals like fuel stabilizer are another option to consider when trying to remove white smoke coming out from under your hood because they can work better than just changing air filters and adding more engine oil by themselves.

  • Replace Spark Plugs – A bad spark plug is often overlooked but it’s one of those things that could be causing all sorts of problems with your How to Remove White Smoke from Exhaust When Starting Carvehicle including giving off too much heat which can produce white smoke.

  • Replace Your Fuel Filter – Much like a dirty air filter, an old fuel filter will also cause your car to release more emissions including those that create the familiar plume of white smoke when you start up or accelerate quickly.

  • Check for Leaks – If you’re noticing a lot of oil on your engine compartment, this could point towards leaking seals and gaskets in addition to other problems such as overheating which can all lead to excessive amounts of exhaust coming out from under the hood.


If you’re still noticing White Smoke after trying these methods then it’s likely that your car has a bigger problem on top of producing too much exhaust coming out from under the hood when starting up or accelerating quickly. You’ll want to bring your vehicle in for a checkup and make sure it doesn’t have any other problems beyond what this article provides information about because we can only offer so much help without additional components like auto mechanic experience, diagnostic equipment, etc.

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