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Red Lightning Bolt on Dash – How to Fix on Jeep

The Red Lightning Bolt on Dash on Jeep is one of the most common reasons of break down. This bolt sends electricity from the battery to power up your car’s electronics, but sometimes it can short out and cause problems. If you are experiencing any Red Lighting Bolts on your dashboard, read this guide before calling roadside assistance!

What Does Red Lightning Bolt on the Dash Mean?

What does red lightning bolt on the dash meanRed Lightning Bolt on Dash means that there is a problem with your Electronic Throttle Control. This can be caused by an electronic throttle control issue, electrical system malfunctions, or a faulty sensor. The first step to fixing this problem is figuring out which of these three potential problems you are having and getting it fixed.

Understanding the red lightning bolt meaning on Jeep dashboard symbols is crucial for vehicle maintenance, as it represents an issue with the Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) module. This could include:

  • Issues communicating with the engine control module, or ECM, to regulate engine speed and throttle opening
  • An open circuit between two components in the ETS system
  • A shorted circuit involving both high voltage circuits in one of the sensor inputs on the TPS signal wire. \r\rThe Red Lightning bolt also indicates a problem with your jeep’s dashboard display screen like not being able to read it at all or having lines across it.

Electronic Throttle Controls

If the reason for your Red Lighting Bolt is an ECU malfunction, then disconnecting the battery should solve this problem. Once disconnected, wait about five minutes before reconnecting and re-testing the car’s performance.

Electrical System Malfunctions

Electrical System MalfunctionsA wiring or grounding issue might have occurred in one of the major electrical circuits in the car. This issue can be solved by checking and repairing any loose or broken connections as well as fixing any corroded terminals on your Red Lightning Bolt dash.

How to fix it:

  • 1. Check the fuse box
  • 2. Check for loose connections
  • 3. Check to see if a wire has come loose or is broken
  • 4. Replace the dashboard with an identical one and reattach all of your wires correctly
  • 5. Put in new fuses
  • 6. Test it out by turning on the headlights, blower motor, radio, etc., before putting everything back together again

Faulty Sensor

You could also have a faulty sensor that is causing Red Lighting Bolt Dash problems. In this case, you will need to replace it with one of equal quality. Also read here how to Upgrade Your Car Dashboard.

How to Reset Red Lightning Bolt on Dash?

If there was no success after disconnecting your battery for five minutes, then it may be time for more drastic measures (though not something we recommend). To completely reset your Red Lightning Bolt dashboard problem, unplugging the negative terminal cable underneath your steering column while leaving the positive terminal cable attached. This will reset the Red Lightning Bolt and fix your problem right away, but it is best to have a mechanic check out what caused this issue in the first place so you don’t end up getting Red Lightning Bolt dash again!

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