The Benefits of Adding Power Steering to Your Car

The Benefits of Adding Power Steering to Your Car

Power steering is one of the most important features of modern cars that make driving easier and safer. Power steering allows you to turn the steering wheel with less effort and helps you to maintain control of your vehicle at all times. Adding power steering to your car can be done relatively easily, but it’s important to understand the necessary parts and tools involved in installation as well as the types of power steering systems available, and their benefits.

Power steering is a device that uses hydraulics or a belt-driven pump to assist in turning the wheels when you turn the steering wheel. This reduces the effort required from the driver, allowing for easier vehicle maneuvering. Power steering uses a rack-and-pinion system consisting of two gears—a pinion gear on a rotating shaft connected to the engine and a rack connected to each wheel assembly—that work together when you turn the wheel. The power assist helps move the rack back and forth more efficiently than if only manual force were used.

Necessary Parts and Tools for Installation

The Benefits of Adding Power Steering to Your CarWhen adding power steering to your car, several parts must be gathered, and tools must be obtained for installation. In addition to the rack-and-pinion system, you will also need hoses and fittings, a power steering pump, and a belt. You may also need various nuts and bolts, depending on the type of system you are installing. Regarding tools, you will need screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, an adjustable wrench or socket set, and a jack.

Types of Power Steering Systems

There are several different types of power steering systems available – manual hydraulic power steering (MHP), variable assist power steering (VAPS), electric motor-driven variable assist power steering (EVPAS), variable-ratio electric (VRE), and electronic variable-ratio electric (EVRE). Each type has its benefits and drawbacks that should be considered depending on your needs.

Benefits of Installing Power Steering

Installing power steering in your car can provide numerous benefits, such as improved handling in tight spaces or corners; better control at high speeds; increased safety due to reduced fatigue from turning the wheel; increased maneuverability for parking; reduced wear on tires; and improved fuel economy due to less effort required from the engine.


Adding power steering to your car can greatly improve the driving experience and increase safety while on the road. Understanding the necessary parts and tools, as well as the types of systems and their benefits, is key when it comes to making an informed decision about installing power steering in your vehicle.

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