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Top Reasons Why Front Radar Sensor Blocked

It’s safe to say that modern vehicles – SUVs, sedans, or trucks – are quite reliable and long-lasting. But, even the best cars do break down from time to time. It may be something major or something minor, but sooner or later, some parts or components of the car do start to fail. And in this guide, we’ll take a look at the front radar sensor and cover the most frequent reasons why the front radar sensor blocked.

What’s a front radar sensor for?

The front radar sensor is there to detect all sorts of obstacles ahead in order to avoid situations that may lead to an accident. This front radar sensor is a key detail of the car’s cruise control, and if the radar is malfunctioning, the car, the driver, and the passengers are in danger. Below you’ll find the top reasons why it gets blocked.

Physical Damage

Top Reasons Why Front Radar Sensor BlockedIf you found out your front radar sensor is malfunctioning, it may be because the sensor is somehow damaged. The thing is, the front radar sensor is vulnerable to all sorts of physical damage. Even a light collision may lead to a malfunctioning front radar sensor. If this is the case, take your car to a repair shop.

Paint Layer on the Front Bumper Blocks the Front Sensor

It may seem a bit strange, but this is quite a frequent reason why front radar sensors are not working correctly. When it comes to painting your car, you need to have some skills and experience, and most of us have neither. So, sometimes, we accidentally paint the front radar sensor as well. Therefore, if you’re planning on painting the vehicle or just the front bumper, it would be wise to let the pros handle that.

Damaged Wiring

This is another frequent reason for the front radar sensor malfunctioning. When the cable that supplies electricity to the front radar is damaged, the sensor immediately stops working. It’s quite hard to do the right diagnosis on your own, so the best thing you can do here is to take the car to the closest repair shop.

Harsh Weather

Unfavorable weather such as heavy rain, snow, hail, and so on can also lead to a malfunctioning front radar sensor. It is recommended to avoid driving in such extreme conditions. But if you MUST hit the road, make sure to remove any frost inside the windshield and clean the front of your vehicle.

Useful Tips

To avoid this and other similar situations from happening in the future, take your car to the auto repair shop for scheduled maintenance, even if your vehicle is operating perfectly. This way, you’ll reduce the number of sudden breakdowns and make the vehicle safer and more reliable. And we’re happy to say that the best replacement sensors, best turners and programmers for jeep, and brake pads come at a very reasonable price.

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