Updated Guide On: How to Make Your Exhaust Loud?

Many people enjoy the sound of a loud exhaust. But what does it take to make a car’s exhaust louder? How can you make your car’s exhaust system as loud as possible? In this article, we discuss how to achieve that goal. We will talk about how to improve the muffler and modify the piping on an aftermarket system, which are two quick ways for anyone looking for more volume out of their exhaust. How To Make Your Exhaust Loud?

How To Improve Muffler And Pipe On Aftermarket System


MufflerThe muffler is the part of your exhaust system that absorbs sound. It’s a section between where the piping meets up with the tailpipe and from there, it curves around to connect with the engine block. The two types of mufflers are an open-ended type or a closed one which has baffles inside.

Some modifications

Some people choose to modify their car so they can have more volume by adding diverters (also known as “shorters”) on either side of the pipe in order for them to run parallel instead of splitting off together at some point right after going over/next to each other before entering into this metal box like thingy called a ‘muffler’. This helps shorten how much space there is for all the exhaust to go through.

By adding diverters, the volume is increased and you can get a louder sound out of your car’s exhaust system. How? Well, because there isn’t as much space for all that gas to have to travel through, it has a more bottlenecking effect on itself before leaving via your muffler (which absorbs some sound) and tailpipe. This means more noise! Mufflers are known for being able to make things quieter but they don’t always work perfectly at their job so many people opt-in for this modification instead in order to be happy with how loud their engine sounds when running under high load.


PipesThe piping used outside the engine block that connects from where the pipes meet up with the muffler to the tailpipe is also something that can be modified in order for you to have a louder exhaust sound. How? Well, instead of using your original piping – like where it curves from one pipe into another and then back out again before connecting with the tailpipe – some people prefer to cut off this section altogether so they’re just left with two pipes only when the car’s running under high load.


So, to make your exhaust louder, you can either buy an aftermarket exhaust system that has a louder muffler or modify your existing one. You can also add diverters so the sound is shorter in distance and then cut off more of the pipe outside before it reaches the tailpipe if you want to make things even louder than they already are.
We hope that this article has helped you learn How to Make Your Exhaust Loud.

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