What Are the Benefits of Jeep Tube Doors?

What Are the Benefits of Jeep Tube Doors?

Fans of riding into the sunset like there’s no tomorrow know very well what tube doors are all about. Essentially, they’re the golden middle between the big, bulky, and limiting factory doors and driving completely door-less. That’s right: compared to the stock Jeep setup, tubular doors are much smaller and give you a better view of the surroundings. Plus, they look rather cool and will make all of your buddies jealous.

The question still stands, though: what do the Best Jeep Tube Doors look like, and do you actually need to put them on your list of must-haves, or not? That’s exactly what I want to talk to you about today! We’ll go over the major benefits, the available options, and what to look for when shopping for “tubes”. Here goes!

Benefit #1: Perfect Sight Lines

What Are the Benefits of Jeep Tube Doors?Let’s face it: stock Jeep doors provide very limited visibility. With tube doors, however, you’ll get perfect sightlines. This is very important when trying to “squeeze” into tight spots somewhere in a dense forest or an overcrowded parking lot. This extended view also allows you to enjoy the trip to the fullest. When it’s really hot outside, and the air conditioner can’t handle all that heat, the wind coming in through the tube doors will be quite welcome.

If you go ahead and remove the soft top as well, that will make things even more exciting.

Benefit #2: Easy to Customize to your liking

What Are the Benefits of Jeep Tube Doors?There isn’t much one can do with the factory Jeep doors. Mostly, they’re pretty basic and not at all exciting. But with tube doors, you get a lot of customization freedom. You can choose the color and design. The market has all kinds of different designs to offer. Some sets resemble state flags, others have stars, banners, a minimalistic approach, military-style stuff, and more.

The actual shape of the doors should also be defined by you. There are various brands that are happy to help come up with a unique design. A buddy of mine has Jeep JK tube doors that look like a million bucks, but actually cost him very little. And don’t forget that many tube doors can be equipped with storage bags as well. Now, while they’re a bit limited, they still provide enough room to store the most important stuff for the road.

Benefit #3: User-Friendly Installation

The one thing that most amateur off-roaders are concerned about is the ease of use. What that means is whether they’ll be able to install tube doors on their own, or if they’ll have to pay a mechanic to do that. Good news: most tubular doors follow the so-called “OEM design”, meaning they’ll be a perfect fit for your vehicle. All you’ll have to do is just install them into the right spots (the hinges will help you with that) – no extra drilling or cutting will be involved.

I was a bit nervous when getting my first set of Jeep TJ Tube Doors as well, but everything went smoothly. Now, when it gets cold again, bringing the factory doors back will be a walk in the park. Again: thanks to the universal design, tube doors are equally easy to install and to remove.

Benefit #4: No Legal Issues

Here’s another quick fact about tube doors: they are 100% legal in all 50 US states. What I mean by that is you won’t get in trouble with the law when cruising down the street with a set of tubular doors. The same can’t be said about door-less driving, by the way. So, install a customized pack of Jeep JL Tube Doors, and no police officer will ever stop you to write a ticket.

And let’s not forget that tube doors provide excellent protection against whatever the road has in stores for you. Numerous tests prove that they’re quite efficient and reliable even against direct collisions (with a bush, a tree, or another car). This is especially important if you’ve got kids riding in the back seat or a couple of pets.

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