How Do You Install a Tonneau Cover on Ford Ranger

How Do You Install a Tonneau Cover on Ford Ranger?

A tonneau cover is a great way to protect your truck bed from getting dirty. It also provides an easy place to store items that you need quick access to, like tools for changing a tire or jumper cables. Tonneau covers come in many different styles and shapes, but the installation process is usually the same no matter what type you choose. Here are some steps on how to install a tonneau cover on your Ford Ranger!

  • How Do You Install a Tonneau Cover on Ford RangerYou will need a flat surface to work on. Some people use their truck bed; however, this can get dirty and messy when you are installing the tonneau cover! It is best to find an area that is free from debris so it does not become scratched or damaged by dirt or rocks. A driveway works nicely as long as there are no cars driving over it.

  • Remove all of your items in the back seat and place them somewhere safe while you install your new tonneau cover. If something falls out during installation, it could damage your truck bed which would be very inconvenient if you have just purchased this accessory!

  • Now comes time for actually putting on your tonneau cover ! Open up its front panel first before looking at how to install it. Most tonneau covers can be opened by pressing a button that releases the cover so you do not need to use any tools . If your tonneau cover is different, refer to its manual for how to open this part of the truck bed accessory.

  • Once all panels are opened up, look at which panel goes in first and place this section on top of your truck bed opening then close the other side over it! This should lock into position without needing too much force or effort put into closing them together tightly since they attach with magnets and rubber gaskets around where they meet.

  • How Do You Install a Tonneau Cover on Ford RangerClose each one slowly until both sides snap shut along each edge’s locking points . Now check if there are any loose ends sticking out from your tonneau cover that you may have missed during the installation process. If so, simply use a screwdriver or drill to push any small metal nubs back into their locking holes and close them up nice and snug!

  • Finally, if your new tonneau cover has lights in it for extra security with cargo being stored out of sight then plug these into an electrical outlet using its USB cord . Make sure they are turned on at all times when not driving around town because this is how other drivers know where your truck bed ends once closed over by the tonneaus’ sleek covers. You can now easily enjoy having both style AND convenience while protecting your Ford Ranger’s truck bed from getting dirty – just make sure to take proper care of it like cleaning it when food or spilled drinks are left in your truck bed and installing a tonneau cover can be done easily by anyone!


Now you will have added style AND convenience with extra protection for all items stored inside! You can now enjoy having cool tonneau to show off while protecting your car from getting dirty – just make sure to take proper care of keeping it clean like wiping away any dirt after removing cargo out of it so no damage occurs during the installation process because this is how someone else who might drive over it knows where not to step down if they were trying to get into either side Also, always remember that tons of cargo can be stored safely and securely within the truck bed so you don’t have to worry about having enough space for your next road trip!

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