How to Change the Headlight on Ford Explorer

How to Change the Headlight on Ford Explorer

The headlight on a Ford Explorer allows the driver to see in front of them while driving at night. If one or both headlights go out, it is important for the driver and pedestrians around them know what’s coming their way. When replacing your lights, always replace with an identical bulb type from same manufacturer as original equipment(OE). This article will cover how to change just one lightbulb but this applies equally well for changing another defective lightbulb in that unit if necessary.

Step One: Preparation

Open hood. Remove battery cover, disconnect battery ground cable by loosening its nut. To loosen, turn counterclockwise with a wrench or pliers.

Step Two: Remove Retaining Clip

Use Flat Head Screwdriver to remove retaining clip in center of access panel trim cover on passenger side headlight housing. The retainer can be pried from the top and removed from the bottom simultaneously as it is under tension when installed. It should swing out easily for removal once caught at both ends.

How to Change the Headlight on Ford ExplorerNote: If you have difficulty removing this part due to corrosion or other issue, contact your local Ford dealer for assistance with diagnosis and repair options including replacement of entire assembly which may not require partial disassembly process below if necessary.

Step Three: Disconnect Harness and Remove Bulb

The white connector on the harness for this headlight is held in place by a spring clip. Use needle nose pliers to pinch together sides of the metal clip until it releases from its holding position, then pull up gently to remove it. Next, disconnect the two black wires at their connection point with a flathead screwdriver or similar tool and set aside so they are not accidentally reconnected during reassembly process. Unplugging these will allow access to twist off bulb socket which holds the low beam (right) bulb in place after removal.

Step Four: Install New Bulb

Push new bulb into lamp assembly housing, twisting clockwise until fully seated in position. Reconnect black wiring connectors at their connection point by pressing down on top of connector clip then turn clockwise while pushing up gently to lock back together.

Step Five: Replace Battery

Reinstall battery ground cable by turning clockwise in reverse of earlier steps which loosened them and tighten nut before reattaching positive terminal with battery charger or jumper cables. Check that all electrical connections are tight on both sides of car hood replacing protective cover if necessary.

Note: If you replaced just one bulb but need additional work on the other side, it is best to replace both at this time. Also you may need to adjust them.

Step Six: Test It

Turn key in ignition and check for headlight operation. Check that light switches off when headlights are turned off then back on again as normal function should be a four second delay between power switch position changes before power is disconnected from lights if they were already on.


And in summary i would like to say that changing the headlight on a ford explorer is very simple and just takes an hour of time. And traditionally, if you suddenly find out that replacing headlights yourself – too overwhelming a task for you, contact professionals who will do the job instead of you!

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