How to Choose The Best Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger

How to Choose The Best Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger?

A tonneau cover is an enclosure that covers the bed of your pickup truck. It protects valuables stored in the bed from rain and snow, sun damage, dirt and debris as well as thieves.

How to Choose The Best Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger?Before you choose a new one for your Ford Ranger, consider the advantages and disadvantages of different types to decide which meets your needs best. Here are some things to think about when choosing a tonneau cover: Do I need it? Most drivers have no trouble covering their cargo with just a tarp or blanket over the top of the box (if they even use anything at all). However, if you want more security than what this offers or simply prefer not having to crawl into your truck’s bed to access the cargo space a tonneau cover may be a good option.

Where do I store it? If you don’t have room for storage out in plain sight, then consider buying one that is removable and quickly installs when needed but stores easily beneath its fitted part so it doesn’t take up valuable parking spots at home.

Do I need something weatherproof? Some covers are just fabric stretched over the top of your truck bed. Although these may keep out some elements, they aren’t waterproof and will soak through when exposed to heavy rain or a sudden snowfall. If you live in an area that receives significant precipitation (or if you use your pickup for work) look for one made from durable material with water-resistant coatings such as vinyl or rubberized paint.

Is it easy to install? If you’re not mechanically inclined, some covers can be a challenge. Make sure the product is well-reviewed by others and that its installation instructions are clear before purchasing.

How to Choose The Best Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger?What about security? Although most tonneau covers will thwart casual thieves, they aren’t foolproof against determined ones who have tools at their disposal (such as crowbars). Some of them come with locking options so your cargo stays safe while you’re on the road or if somebody decides to climb into the bed when you’re stopped at traffic lights.

What about price? Although there is no perfect choice that fits everyone’s needs perfectly, a good quality cover can offer protection from damage caused by inclement weather or criminals without requiring too much space in your garage. Make sure it fits your budget and offers enough value for the money you plan to spend.


Choosing the right tonneau cover for your Ford Ranger is important to protect cargo or personal belongings in a secure way, and also ensure that they do not fly out when driving at high speeds. Tonneau covers are an efficient means of making sure you get maximum protection against dust and rain while still allowing air circulation inside the truck bed without ever having to leave it open. A majority of them come with built-in locks which can be used if you want to lock up stuff inside while away from home. That’s why carefully studying all the features before buying.

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