How to Fill Water in a Radiator for a Jeep Liberty?

A radiator is a heat exchanger that cools the engine’s air-charged, high-temperature gas by removing its heat. The Jeep Liberty has an in-line 6 cylinder engine and therefore requires a radiator to keep it running efficiently. Where do you put coolant in a Jeep Liberty? Where does the water go in the rad for a Jeep Liberty? How do you top up your jeep liberty radiator with water?

It would be helpful for people to have these answers so that they can take care of their own car and feel less frustrated.

Where Do You Put Coolant in a Jeep Liberty?

Where do you put coolant in a Jeep LibertySo you will need to open the hood, find the lower hose coming from your engine block or radiator and locate its corresponding top. You’ll notice two caps on each side of these hoses- one may be labeled “H” which means it is high pressure or “L” which means low pressure. The “L” side is the one you want to be on if your Jeep Liberty has a low-pressure radiator.

The other cap should say something like “EXP.” which means that it’s for emergencies only or “RADIATOR” in case of an overflow tank. You’ll also see a square-shaped hole at this point, just make sure not to use this as it will pump air into the system and cause problems so don’t do anything with this except put back its original screw!

How Do You Top up a Radiator with Water?

How do you top up a radiator with waterNow unscrew both caps all the way off from each hose then top off these hoses using either distilled water or ethylene glycol solution (50/50) – they’re interchangeable but must have some form of antifreeze mixed in.

After topping off the hoses you’ll notice some fluid has come out of these holes in your radiator, so make sure to replace this by opening up a new bottle and pouring it into both sides until full. Now just put both caps back on tightly making sure that there’s no more air coming through before closing everything up for good! Your Jeep Liberty should now be running better than ever as well as free from any worries of overheating or blowing coolant all over the engine bay – go do something fun with your day because we did our job!

You might also need to drain some fluids from the inside of the cooling system if they are too low and then refill them with a 50/50 antifreeze mixture using a turkey baster or other siphoning device. If not, just replace all fluid in the radiator reservoir as well as topping off the overflow tank(s) located on both sides of that hoses connected to cooler lines coming from the engine.

That’s It

Now you can put the cap back on and screw it in tightly, turn off your car and let things cool down for a couple of minutes before shutting everything down completely (you don’t want to get burned). After that open up the radiator again just to make sure there is no more water coming out when opening it – if not then you should be good! Lucky for us most people are never expected to do this themselves but will need one or two other people around to help them with their Jeep Liberty.

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