How to Install Replacement Headlights in Ford Excursion

How to Install Replacement Headlights in Ford Excursion

When it comes to replacing your headlights, you may think that this is a job for the professionals. However, with some careful consideration and research, you can replace your headlights in a Ford Excursion all on your own! This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to install replacement headlights in a Ford Excursion.

To begin, make sure to remove the old headlight bulbs by loosening their nuts with a wrench and removing the wires. Next, use your pliers to pull off any wire that is stubborn or has not yet been removed from the way of installation. If you are installing fog lights in place of headlights then it’s important to remember not to connect these new lights up at this time as they will need an additional relay switch hooked in before powering them How to Install Replacement Headlights in Ford Excursionon! Once all the wiring is clear, install your replacement bulb(s) making sure there are no twists and connections between different light circuits (i.e., high-beam). Now find a secure spot for mounting screws on each end of where the base plate attaches – two holes should suffice. Once you have mounted the new headlight, use a screwdriver to tighten up those screws so that they are not wobbly and do not come loose anytime soon!

Next, find a replacement gasket for your old light by checking out this year’s Ford Excursion owner’s manual. If you can’t locate one at home or in stores nearby then an alternative option is using some silicone sealant to cover exposed wires coming from the bulb socket. Next make sure there are no twists occurring with any wiring around them! A popular technique when replacing headlights is pulling down firmly on both sides of the lights until you hear a click – this ensures that the lights are mounted securely into place.

Now it’s time to install your new replacement headlight bulbs by connecting them up with their corresponding wires, making sure not to cross over different circuits again (i.e., high-beam). Once everything is connected correctly and tight enough so as not to come undone anytime soon, you can test out your new headlights! Start off by turning on one of your old foglights if needed then turn both of these back off – this should light up the bulb sockets in each location where a replacement was installed while simultaneously illuminating all the other lights outside too! If there is no power or any visible problem after testing stop troubleshooting and consult a professional for help instead. Otherwise, congratulations on successfully installing your replacement headlights in a Ford Excursion!


Your car’s headlights are a vital part of the vehicle and can drastically affect your safety when driving at night. There is nothing worse than being out on the road with no functioning headlights–especially if you’re left to deal with this problem all alone! Fortunately, installing replacement headlight bulbs in a Ford Excursion won’t take long once you put some time into planning ahead for what needs to be done beforehand.

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