How to Install Rugged Ridge Tube Doors on a Jeep Wrangler JK

There may come a time in your car’s life when you need to replace a door. Maybe the door is rusty or dented. Removing the door can also give you more room to manipulate large objects. So, knowing how to remove and screw the door will come in handy even if it is intact.

When tuning a car, many car owners do not stop at installing alloy wheels, a variety of body kits, and adding spoilers. To add personality to the vehicle, some car owners decide to equip the car with doors that open vertically instead of conventional doors. Such cars, in which the doors open upwards, always cause rapturous glances. The Jeep Wrangler is one of the best SUVs from the American manufacturing company Chrysler, which is one of the Jeep divisions. How to use the benefits of rugged ridge tube doors on a Jeep Wrangler? The instructions will tell you how to install the door on your car yourself.

Benefits of Jeep Tube Doors

Remember that if the doors are without frames, then the body itself is reinforced structurally so that the stiffness without frames was good.

Pros: a feeling of maximum openness, especially if there is no center column.

Cons: in winter after washing, the glasses freeze to sealing rubbers, it is necessary to open doors and windows carefully.

Benefits of Jeep Tube Doors

You Can Also Seal Doorways

Many cars don’t have double-loop door seals from the factory. The problem is solved individually. See how to do it, you can on specialized forums on your car. Buyers of seals note a reduction in noise, but much depends on the model of the car, the wear and tear of its door hinges, as well as the regular seals.

The options of shapes and sizes of seals are amazing. And you have to choose the one that has a little more than half of its width when the door is closed. Popularly used Z-shaped seal, with which to eliminate the gap between the front fender and door, between the doors themselves, and between the rear fender and door. And if the regular sealing rubbers of your car are worn out, you should first replace them, and then, perhaps, additional noise isolation will seem unnecessary.

Auto Chemical Will Help

Nowadays car chemistry industry is very well developed. There are special liquids that prevent the door from freezing. There are different greases, special defrosters. The optimal option is considered a silicone spray. This product protects rubber seals from freezing and allows you to increase their service life. Such an aerosol is an effective tool in the fight against door freezing. It is inexpensive, enough to treat large areas, and will last for several weeks after the first treatment.

Main Instructions

    Main Instructions

  • In order to cope with this type of repair work, you will need to dismantle the door, and then reinstall it. You can do it yourself without the help of specialists.
  • The first step is to dismantle the old doors and cut the hinges with a grinder. Initially, you need to make sure that the correct door is selected. For example, if it is necessary to replace a damaged element, and not just remove it to gain better access to the equipment located inside, it is imperative to check that it fits the body in terms of physical parameters. To do this, it is enough to compare the dismantled structure with the newly acquired one, which is done quite simply. /After that, we take measurements of the doorway and cut off the blanks from the professional pipe.
  • First, we weld the supporting frame, then two door leaves. The dimensions of the structure must be calculated in such a way that the minimum gaps are maintained between the sashes themselves, as well as between the sashes and the frame.
  • At the next stage, we make and weld the hinge elements, thanks to which the door leaves will move apart. For sheet metal visas, we cut out two canvases for the sash sheathing. Then we clean everything with a grinder, prime, and paint.
  • If you use boards, then we cover them with varnish. While your assistant is holding the door, guide the door into the hinges and align the bolt holes on the hinges with the holes in the door.
  • Attached to the place of its previous position and the door holder, the previously removed wiring is brought in. All operations are performed in the same sequence as for removal, only in reverse order.
  • The previously removed rubber tube is brought in, the door is considered assembled and ready for use.

That’s It!

To complete all the necessary work, it will be necessary to test the equipment for serviceability and readiness for work. These improvements will make your Jeep Wrangler more comfortable and less likely to break openings.

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