How to Install Rugged Ridge Tube Doors on a Jeep Wrangler JK

Hi Guys! We’ve already reviewed Best Jeep Half Tube Doors and today we have a review and installation of the Rugged Ridge black textured tube doors for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JKs. These are perfect for the Jeep owner looking to replace their factory doors and looking for a pipe door option that leaves nothing in the way between them. These tubular doors are made from 1.5-inch mandrel-bent steel tubing with a textured black powder coating. These tube doors also include a locking door latch with a few other options.

This may not be strictly necessary on a door that is so open to the air, but they serve more to deter theft of the actual door than anything in the vehicle. This is especially important when the doors are as light and easy to remove as these locking latches hold them securely to your Jeep. These tubular doors also include adjustable nylon door straps, as well as mounting hardware to mount your manual mirrors when some other options don’t have a mounting point or you need to purchase the mounting hardware separately.

Now I want to mention that our Jeep is a Sahara, it has electric mirrors that we cannot mount without further modification to accommodate the wiring harness. However, if you have your factory manual mirrors these will bolt down straight away. I would also like to mention that the front and rear doors are sold in pairs, so the front and rear ZAR are sold separately. These are for our future Wrangler friends so they can only buy the front up to the price. The pair of doors cost around four hundred dollars, which is low to mediocre compared to other options. And for your money, you get a tube door with a ton of functionality and many benefits of Jeep tube doors. You save some money over more expensive options.


I give this installation one of three wrenches on the difficulty meter. These doors require a bit of assembly before they can be bolted to the Jeep, but all in all, this can be done in about 30 minutes. So let’s get to our installation. For this installation, you will need a blowgun or a ratchet a T4 T5 Torx socket wrench a 13 mm socket wrench a tool for removing the panel, and a 13 mm wrench.

Step #1

Okay so the first step in uninstalling our doors is to take a t4 t5 Torx socket and we are going to remove the screws that hold the hinges in place. This should also be included in your hardware kit. If you have one of the scrubs in our socket let’s remove that with your socket, pull off that threaded nut at the bottom of the hinge.

Step #2

Step #2The next step is to unplug the wiring harness. Follow it from your door, there should be a gray plug underneath, press the tab and pull it out. Now you can unhook that fuse, give your door a little play that should help, and unhook it. All right, now we can grab our door and pull it off its hinges.

For our rear door, we have to remove the paneling. You can either take it off by hand or use a trim removal tool, and it either just hangs where you can completely remove it. Now you can see the wiring harness that needs to come out. There is a smaller clip than the front, just press the tab and remove some slack in your door and you can lift this strap off the hinge, here it’s the same hook as the front.

Now you can remove the two threaded nuts at the bottom with your t4 t5 Torx. So once your hardware is removed from the hinges and your wiring harness is unplugged, you can grab and move that door. I think it’s a bit easier when the window is down.

With your front and back doors removed, you’ll want to repeat this process on the other side.

Step #3

At this point, before we can install our door, we assemble the hinge fittings, and to do this, simply grab this fitting piece here and align it with the bracket that is already on the door. Make sure it goes out and stands a little in front of it so that it lines up with the hinge on the jeep. We use the supplied hardware and thread it through the holes.

Step #3We’re going to be tightening these tight, but not fully tightening them, because we need to make sure they are well aligned with the Jeep and if they are off, even slightly, they may not go into the hinges. So tighten these again for now and we will tighten them once they are installed on the jeep. We use a 13-millimeter wrench and a 13-millimeter socket wrench. Just pull them tight. Keep in mind that this is a locknut so it will feel like it is being tightened before actually repeating this with the other hinge. Repeat this process for our rear doors.

Align the hinges with the factory hinges on your Jeep. It wouldn’t hurt to turn these up a bit, especially if you don’t want to go in it will reduce the noise across the board. Once your hinges are in, make sure your latch is unlocked. Repeat this process with the rear door aligning both hinges. Make sure this is unlocked and line up the latch.

All right, so let’s take a short break to review these tube doors against our factory doors. As you can see, these tube doors couldn’t be more different. They have a nice textured black powder coating and the look is completely different from your factory doors. However, you can keep some of the beautiful features of your factory doors. They have a latch, they contain brackets for using your mirrors and they also come with this handy seat belt that we can install right away. So let’s get back to our installation.

Step #4

We’ll put our seat belts on. This is kind of neat because there is more than one opening here so you can open it up as wide or as wide as you want. We will only install them at the furthest opening to the door and at the factory anchoring point. Now we’re closing our door and you want to make sure your latch is in the open position. If we do this so that I can grab the latch on our jeep, you may have to lift it up a bit to lock it into place as again the hinges are not yet tight.

Step #5

Step #5At this point, we’re going to install the nylon lock nuts on the bottom of these threads here and tighten them with a 13-millimeter socket. Tighten these with your 13-millimeter socket and your 13-millimeter wrench. Now you can repeat that on our tailgate by installing the tape and replacing that plastic cover. Repeat for the back door. You want to make sure that the latch is open and the door is closed. Screw your nylon locknuts onto the bottom of each of these threads on the hinge, grab your 13-millimeter socket, and tighten. Now you can grab your 13-millimeter wrench and thirteen-millimeter socket wrench and tighten the screws from the hinge to the door.

That’s all. Thanks.

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