How To Replace Your Jeep's Damaged Power Mirror

How To Replace Your Jeep’s Damaged Power Mirror

There are many reasons for Jeep widespread popularity, but one reason stands out above all others: the built-in ruggedness. The Wrangler has a ton of features that make it very easy to use in rough terrain and other tough conditions. However, even with all of those great qualities, every vehicle eventually succumbs to wear and tear. One vulnerable area that may need some repair work is your power mirror assembly.

If you find that your power mirror assembly is damaged, don’t worry! We can help. In this blog post we’ll outline how to replace the power mirror on a Jeep Wrangler JK and show you what might have caused it to fail in the first place. This will make sure that your vehicle remains safe for use when off-road or just driving around town. Let’s get started!

Step One: Disconnect The Battery Tie Down Straps

If you have a Wrangler JK, then the first step in this process is to disconnect your battery tie down straps. This will give you access to remove and replace the power mirror assembly without having to worry about accidentally grounding or bridling one of the electrical components during installation. Also read here how to Repair a Hairline Crack in Your Windshield.

Step Two: Prepare To Remove The Old Assembly

How To Replace Your Jeep's Damaged Power MirrorNext, prepare for removing your old Jeep’s damaged power mirror by turning off all lights on that side of the car (including interior lights). Now open and prop up both front doors so they’re resting against their back stops. You may also want to cover those doors with some plastic sheeting just in case any debris falls into them while working on this project.

You might notice there are a few screws securing the damaged assembly. Remove those and then disconnect any wiring connections you find on the back of it (note that there may be more than one).

Step Three: Assemble The New Assembly

The final step is to assemble the new power mirror on your Jeep Wrangler JK. If this is a brand-new replacement, then simply attach all of its parts according to manufacturer’s instructions. How To Replace Your Jeep's Damaged Power MirrorHowever, if this isn’t a completely new part, make sure to wipe down any dust or debris from inside before attaching it to your car. Check for dangling wires as well and put them away in their appropriate places when finished with installation! Once done, repeat steps two and three on the passenger side so they’re both functioning properly again.

When you’re finished, it’s always a good idea to test both of your new power mirrors before putting the vehicle back in service. This will make sure that they’re working properly and let you know if anything may need additional attention or repair work down the line.


What might have caused power mirror damage? There are many things that can cause these mirrors to stop working properly: high winds and big hail will shatter them; over-tightening of the screws holding up the faceplate could warp or break the glass; corrosion on electric components may interfere with electrical current, decreasing power from one side of vehicle to another. Inspecting your mirrors before replacing them is always a good idea!

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