Jeep Hardtop vs Soft Top Which is Better for Wrangler

Jeep Hardtop vs Soft Top Which is Better For Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler owners are a particular breed of people. They enjoy taking their jeeps off-road, and they want to be able to do so with peace of mind that their vehicle will make it back in one piece. When deciding how to outfit your Jeep, you have two options: hard top or soft top. There is no clear winner when it comes to which is better for the Wrangler, but we’re going to explore both sides and help you decide what’s best for you!

There are pros and cons to both hard top and soft tops, but for those who really want their Jeep Wrangler on the road more often than off it (or those living in colder climates), a hardtop may be the best choice. However, if you’re looking to spend less on gas or just enjoy your time behind the wheel of your Jeep as much as possible, then a soft top is worth considering.

Jeep Hardtop vs Soft Top Which is Better for WranglerIt would be too difficult to talk about all four types of roofs on Jeeps, and the pros and cons of each. For now, let’s talk about your options for Wrangler soft tops vs hardtops:

– Soft Tops

Soft tops are made from a canvas material that is stretched over frame rails that fit inside the vehicle body. They’re typically very simple to install, but because they don’t have frames in them there can be some issues with leaks around seals if you wash it too often or get caught in severe weather without using a cover on top. They give you an open feel when driving down the road while still protecting from the rain and snow.

– Hardtops

Jeep Hardtop vs Soft Top Which is Better for WranglerHardtops are made from a thin metal frame that attaches to the outside of your Wrangler body. You can choose between two styles: coupe-style where you see just about all the roof, or slope style which slopes down over the rear window and back towards the trunk. Similar to soft tops, hardtops give you an open feel when driving but they also offer more protection from rain and snow getting in through leaky seals because there is no cloth stretched over them. It’s much easier to install these roofs than it is with soft top models – most people say installation takes around 15 minutes for both types!

Which Is Better for Wrangler?

There are some pros and cons to both soft tops and hardtops. Soft tops are cheaper, give you the open-air feel when driving down the road, but may leak through seals if they’re not cared for well. Hardtops provide more protection from rain or snow getting in and can be easier to install than a soft top roof. We recommend that you consider these points before deciding on what type of Jeep Wrangler is best for your needs!

It may be worth it to upgrade to the hard top if you’re going on longer journeys or want a more sleek look. The pros include less risk of being caught in heavy weather without rain cover and easier installation than a soft roof.


I hope, you take the time to consider what type of Jeep Wrangler is best for you. Many people find that a hard top is the most convenient and easiest to install, as well as giving you protection from rain. But for those who want an open-air feel when driving or just generally care about gas usage more than anything else – then soft tops are perfect!

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