Jeep Heater Not Working (6 Reasons Why)

Jeep heater not working? Jeep owners have a few options when it comes to Jeep heaters. Here are 6 reasons why Jeep heaters might stop working, and some Jeep heater not working solutions that will get your Jeep back up and running in no time!

The heater core has frozen

A Jeep Heater Not Working can be caused by the heater core freezing up. This is because it has been leaking coolant, which then freezes in cold weather. The Jeep needs to have a new heater core installed and the leak repaired as soon as possible so that there is no more coolant loss on those chilly days of winter. It’s important for Jeep owners to check their engine fluid level often during colder months so they know when an issue like this might happen with the Jeep Heater not working properly!

The thermostat is faulty

The thermostat is faultyJeepers may find that their Jeep Heater will stop functioning due to a problem with the thermostat or air conditioning switch module (ACM). When these parts go out you will see Jeep Heater not working, no heat or AC. You should have your Jeep checked by a professional to ensure there is not an underlying cooling system failure before replacing these parts.

The bad blower motor or fan clutch assembly

Also may find that the Jeep heater doesn’t work because either the vehicle’s blower motor went out and stopped moving air through the vents in order for it to be heated up – this could also mean that your Jeep has a bad fan clutch due to excessive overheating of the engine compartment! These two things can cause Jeep Heaters not working as well as cold drafts blowing from inside your car if you’re unfortunate enough to experience both at once.

There’s no coolant in the system

There's no coolant in the systemIf Jeepers are experiencing Jeep Heater Not Working, it could be due to them having no coolant in their system. The heater works by using the warm engine coolant from your radiator as a heat source for warming up and circulating air through the Jeep’s cabin so if you’re not there will be nothing coming out of those vents! You should get this fixed ASAP because running a Jeep without any cooling on cold days is asking for trouble with possible broken hoses or freeze plugs that can’t take such high temperatures.

When the thermostat stops working properly, it causes an ice buildup which blocks off some of the passageways where fluids circulate throughout inside your vehicle’s heating unit.

The Jeep Heater is not working due to an electrical problem with the heating control unit, wiring, or fuse box

Jeep Heater Not Working because you don’t know how to use their climate controls on their dashboard correctly – in which case Jeep owners need to just turn up the temperature until they see hot air blowing from those vents again.

The vacuum hose has come loose and needs to be reconnected

When you’re using your car’s Jeep Heater and notice Jeep Heater not working, it might be because your vacuum hose has come loose. Check the system for any leaks or cracks to see if they have a leaking vacuum line that needs repaired or replaced so that their Jeep’s heater can work properly again!

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