Tacoma: Magnaflow 3 in. MF Series Single Exhaust System Review

Today we are working with the Magnaflow three-inch single exhaust system from the MF series with a side exit for all 2016 and newer 3.5-liter Tacomas.

When we did a round of it, it definitely made some good noises. It will end up on the louder side of the middle ground and for that, I give it a strong three out of five points on the neighboring scale. The straight-through silencer from Magnaflow also contributes to this. It definitely has a bang, enough to wake the truck up but not enough to draw unwanted attention to your truck. It is definitely a daily drivable kit.

Stainless steel

MagnaflowThis kit is made from a thorn-bent 409 stainless steel that is 3 inches in diameter. Simply put, this will ensure this kit looks and makes noise for years to come, and the mandrel bends will ensure that the walls of the pipe stay smooth for the entire length of any bends, so your exhaust is as quick as possible and as smoothly as possible escape as possible which is creating that horsepower torque and tone.

In the middle, we have the straight Magnaflow muffler again and at the end the polished stainless steel round tip with a diameter of four inches, which will exit directly at the factory behind the rear passenger tire. It’s even laser engraved with the MF logo for added style and to reduce installation it’s welded on so you don’t have to worry about clamps.


Prices for this kit will land around the $ 700 mark. But this is a high-quality all stainless steel kit. This price also includes a lifetime construction guarantee from Magnaflow.

Differences from the factory exhaust system

Before installing our new Magnaflow, I just wanted to point out a few key differences. We start with the flange and work backward.

Tacoma. Factory exhaust systemThe inlet pipe in front of our muffler looks about the same size, but the Magnaflow is actually just a tiny bit bigger, the factory one is about 2.3 inches tall, Magnaflow about 2.5 inches. That will just open the flow a little more.

The biggest difference is in the middle. We’re losing this large, restricted factory muffler in exchange for the less restrictive and smaller Magnaflow muffler.

From there we go on to our tailpipe. This will be the 2.3-inch pipeline back here. We bring this up to three inches with our new Magnaflow.

And as far as the tip is concerned, it is welded on rather than clamped, and with our new Magnaflow, it is also enlarged in diameter to 10 cm.

One final thing as we compare these two is a small thing, but the little things go a long way in making a good exhaust kit.

Magnaflow includes a brand new donut seal for our factory. That will bring us good business with our new exhaust kit. I’ve made a lot of our exhausts, probably 15 of the most popular exhausts we sell. I have never seen anyone use a donut seal like this to seal a new exhaust well. They always use the factory which, as you can see, has seen better days. So it’s a really nice touch for Magnaflow to include this.

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