The Best Places to Put Blind Spot Mirrors

Driving can be a stressful experience. It can be especially challenging when you’re trying to navigate tight turns, switch lanes, and make sure you’re aware of everything that’s happening around you. That’s why it’s so important to equip your car with the right tools to keep you safe on the road and help you get where you need to go. One of the tools that is essential for any driver is blind spot mirrors.

What is a Blind Spot Mirror?

The Best Places to Put Blind Spot Mirrors A blind spot mirror helps detect objects in areas that are difficult for drivers to see with just their regular side mirrors or rearview mirrors. They are small convex mirrors attached to regular side view or rearview mirrors that provide an expanded field of view while driving. This allows drivers to safely check their blind spots without having to turn their heads or adjust their position in the car – thereby increasing safety on the road.

Importance of Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spot mirrors increase visibility while driving and help drivers become more aware of their surroundings when they want to switch lanes or maneuver around other vehicles on the road. This is especially important since most accidents occur due to lack of visibility, so blind spot mirrors can help you avoid an unfortunate mishap.

Types of Blind Spot Mirrors

There are several types of blind spot mirrors, including clip-on mirrors, stick-on mirrors and magnetic mirrors. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. For example, clip-on mirrors may be easier to attach but they can cause distortion in the image. Stick-on models are more secure but may not provide as much flexibility when positioning them. Magnetic models are more expensive but provide the greatest convenience and flexibility when positioning them on your car’s exterior. Also see here Quick Release Mirrors for Jeep Wrangler.

Where Should You Place Your Blindspot Mirrors?

When installing a blind spot mirror there are several places that you should consider to ensure maximum visibility while driving:

Passenger Side Rearview Mirror: The passenger side rearview mirror is a good place to start since it is often positioned higher than the driver’s side rearview mirror, providing a better view of traffic behind the car. It also allows for easier adjustment since it does not require any extra tools or installation effort.

Driver Side Rearview Mirror: The driver side rearview mirror may be a better option for taller drivers since it is positioned closer to their eye level and provides a better view of traffic behind the car. However, since it requires extra tools and installation effort, it may be more difficult to adjust.

Outside Mirrors on Both Sides of Vehicle: Installing blind spot mirrors on both outside mirrors can provide the best visibility while driving. This option provides an extended field of view and allows drivers to easily monitor what’s happening on both sides of the car. However, this option requires extra tools for installation and may be more difficult for those who don’t have experience with car maintenance.

How To Securely Attach Your Blind Spot Mirrors

Once you have determined where you want to place your blind spot mirror, it’s time to securely attach them to your car’s exterior. Depending on the type of mirror you have chosen, there are different ways that you can securely attach them:

Clip-on Mirrors: Clip-on mirrors usually come with adjustable clips that allow you to easily attach them to your existing side or rearview mirror without any additional tools or effort. All you need to do is make sure that the clips are positioned correctly so that they won’t move or fall off.

The Best Places to Put Blind Spot Mirrors Stick-on Mirrors: Stick-on mirrors are usually made of adhesive material and come with pre-attached mounting brackets. To attach them, you simply have to peel off the adhesive backings and press them firmly against the car’s exterior. This type of mirror is usually more secure since it requires no additional tools or effort to install.

Magnetic Mirrors: Magnetic mirrors attach easily to your car’s exterior using powerful magnets. All you need to do is make sure that the magnets are lined up correctly before attaching them, and they will securely attach themselves without any additional tools or effort required.


Blind spot mirrors are an essential tool for any driver who wants to maximize safety while driving. Installing a blind spot mirror in the right place can help increase visibility and awareness on the road, helping you avoid accidents and other unfortunate mishaps on your journey. Now that you know where to place your blind spot mirror, how to securely attach it, and what types are available, you can make sure that your car is fully equipped for any situation – making your drive a much safer experience!

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