Tonneau Covers: Can They Protect Your Cargo from Water?

Tonneau Covers: Can They Protect Your Cargo from Water?

If you are a truck driver, then you have probably experienced on more than one occasion that dreaded feeling of getting to your destination and realizing that the bed of your truck is wet. This can happen due to rain or snow, but it’s also possible for water to get onto the bed if there was an accident in front of you. Water can make cargo heavy and cause it to shift which could lead to serious injuries when driving. Tonneau covers offer some protection against water by covering the entire bed of your truck with a waterproof material such as vinyl or aluminum. But how well do they work?

Why Do You Need Tonneau Covers

A tonneau cover is an extended piece of automotive equipment that can be put on the back window or bed of a truck. The main purpose for this type of protective accessory is to protect your cargo from water, rain and other elements while you’re driving. Tonneau covers are especially popular among people who live in areas with high humidity levels and have to do a lot of driving.

Before you buy your tonneau cover, it’s important to know what type will fit on your vehicle and which one is the best for your needs. Tonneau covers can be fitted with integrated locks or straps that allow them to snap together tightly when they’re closed.

Are Tonneau Covers Really Waterproof?

Tonneau covers don’t protect your cargo from water entirely. What they do is provide the optimal protection, keeping it dry and safe during rainstorms or heavy downpours when you’re driving. A lot of people mistakenly think that a tonneau cover will keep their truck completely dry at all times in any weather condition which isn’t true. The cover is not waterproof, but it does protect your truck from the outside elements by sealing off the back.

How to Waterproof a Tonneau Cover

  • Purchase Trim Sealant or Tape for Gaps

This is one of the most important things you can do in order to help keep your tonneau cover water-proof and safe from outside elements. The sealant will fill up any gaps between your vehicle’s bed floor, truck sides and frame.

Tonneau Covers: Can They Protect Your Cargo from Water?

  • Invest in a Quality Bed Liner

A bed liner will offer you complete protection against water and other sources of moisture, sealing up any leaks or openings in your truck’s cargo area. Tonneau covers are great for protecting the back of your vehicle from outside elements when it comes to rainstorms and heavy downpours but a bed liner will cover all the other bases.

  • Use a Spray Coating to Protect Your Tonneau Cover from Water Damage

You can use an aerosol spray that’s designed for vinyl and polyester fabrics, or one of those sealant sprays you see advertised on TV most often during commercials. This is a fast way to protect your cover against water damage.


Don’t think that by using a tonneau cover my cargo would never touch water? It doesn’t provide 100% protection against wet weather conditions, but when used correctly it can keep your cargo dry very well. Remember, these covers are not waterproof. But making some invests in a bed liner or spray coating will help keep it safe and dry.

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