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Why Car Shakes When Starting: 9 Possible Reasons and Solutions

Cars these days are made of hundreds and thousands of details, and each one of those details has to work properly 24/7. Otherwise, the vehicle will malfunction. And while modern cars are quite durable and reliable, some occasional breakdowns do happen now and then. Or, the car just starts to shake all of a sudden. This is true even if you’re good at maintenance and take your four-wheeled friend to a repair shop every year.

That’s exactly why it’s so important to know about the most common causes, make the correct diagnosis, and get the right solution!

1. Poor Quality Fuel

There are a few reasons why we use poor quality fuel, but mainly because it’s cheaper. Or, maybe there is no other fuel around and we need to get somewhere ASAP. It could also be that you just got unlucky. No matter the cause, try to avoid using low-quality fuel as it will eventually lead to car shaking and even cause damage to the engine.

How to fix

This one is easy: just use premium fuel that comes from trustworthy brands and don’t go after cheaper fuel produced by unknown companies just to save a couple of bucks. In the long run, this will be worth it.

2. Discharged Battery

Why Car Shakes When Starting 9 Possible Reasons and SolutionsDischarged batteries can also make the car (or, rather, the motor) shake upon ignition. The car will not shake while you’re driving, only the moment you start the car. Even if the engine is charging the battery with the alternator while you’re on the road, this is a strong signal that your battery is low on charge and you need to do something about it.

How to fix

You can try to charge the battery with a maintainer. While you’re at it, test the battery to see whether it needs to be replaced, or not. Here you can choose Best Group 65 Battery.

3. Faulty Fuel Pump

The fuel pump takes the fuel from the tank and “feeds” it into the cylinder. Thus, if the pump is not working properly, there won’t be enough fuel in the cylinder. As a result, the car will shake uncontrollably.

How to fix

The best solution here is to get the fuel pump replaced by a professional in the repair shop. You could, of course, try and do that manually, but only if you have the right tools and enough experience.

4. Worn Timing Belt

This is another thing that can make your car shake when you start it. When the timing belt is damaged, it produces noise and vibration, which is not only annoying but also means your car is crying out for help. Lots of small yet critical components in the engine (like the fans) won’t function properly if something’s wrong with the timing belt.

How to fix

You can solve this by replacing the old and worn-out belt cables with new ones. Make sure the new cables are in the right place and that they’re not too loose.

5. Faulty Oxygen Sensor

The car won’t start without the oxygen sensor. And when the sensor is dirty or damaged in any way, the cylinder will simply not get the right mixture of gasoline. As a result, the car will shake when starting.

How to fix

It’s better to clean the oxygen filter first. If that doesn’t help, then there is one thing left to do – replace it.

6. Faulty Idle Speed Sensor

Just like the oxygen sensor, the idle speed sensor is also activated when the car is starting. As you’ve probably already guessed, a malfunction in this sensor also leads to a wobbling vehicle.

How to fix

By getting the idle speed sensor replaced by a licensed mechanic.

7. Spark Plugs Issue

Why Car Shakes When Starting 9 Possible Reasons and SolutionsOne of the most common reasons why car shakes when starting is poor spark plug condition. If the plugs are in a bad shape, the engine will start shaking. It is very important to deal with this problem as soon as possible before it leads to a more serious damage to the cylinders and the engine.

How to fix

If the plugs are dirty, there is a chance you can get them cleaned properly and put them back in. However, it’s better to get a set of new ones. This won’t cost you much, by the way. Which spark plugs are better, iridium or platinum, check here.

8. Engine Mounts Issue

Still don’t know why the car shakes when starting? It could be that damaged engine mounts are causing this. The thing is, the mounts are supposed to reduce the shaking by absorbing road shocks when you’re out there driving your car. However, when they’re damaged, that makes the motor shake like crazy.

How to fix

This problem can be solved only by replacing the engine mounts. We recommend trusting a professional with this, as replacing the mounts isn’t a simple task.

9. Bad Injectors

If the injectors are dirty or somehow damaged, they will not squirt enough fuel into the cylinder, which can lead to serious damage to the engine and the car. This is a serious issue that needs to be solved right away.

How to fix

First, you can try cleaning the injectors, either by yourself or by taking your car to a repair shop. If the cleaning didn’t help, then you have to replace them.

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