How to Remove Headlight on Ford Super Duty

How to Remove Headlight on Ford Super Duty

Ford Super Duty is a truck that is very popular for many people. One of the most common repairs that we see on this vehicle are headlights. The headlight will either be too dim or not working at all, and it’s time to replace them! In this article, you will learn how to remove the headlight assembly on your Ford Super Duty in order to fix it.

Step One: Prepare the Vehicle for Headlight Removal

How to Remove Headlight on Ford Super DutyFirst, you will need to disconnect your battery so that you don’t accidentally trigger any electrical problems while working on it. Next, remove all of the screws located around the headlight assembly and loosen them slightly with a Phillips screwdriver. If there are wires running through or near this area now is also an opportunity to put some plastic over these areas for protection before removing anything else. Now we’re ready!

Step Two: Remove Front Bumper Assembly (Optional)

This step may not be necessary depending on how tight everything feels as well as what type of vehicle you have but in many cases people would find easier access if they removed their front bumper assembly first. With cars, this will require removing four bolts located around the headlight assembly as well as one bolt under your front bumper. With a truck, you’ll need to remove six nuts that hold the lights and grille in place followed by unscrewing some bolts holding it all together.

Step Three: Remove Headlights from Ford Super Duty Truck

How to Remove Headlight on Ford Super DutyNow we’re ready to start removing our headlights! Start by pulling on the top of the headlight cover while lifting up at an angle so that it pops out of its socket. Next, grab both sides of where they connect onto each other near your lightbulb housing and pull straight back until they disconnect from each other with ease . Now reach down below those two sections and twist off your lightbulb housing while pulling up at the same time.

Step Four: Remove Headlight Assembly from Ford Super Duty Truck

Now we’re ready to start removing our headlights! Start by pushing down on one side of your headlight assembly until it pops out and then repeat this process for the other side. If you have any trouble, place a flathead screwdriver in between both sides of your light and twist away gently while lifting on the top with another set of hands or using pliers. Once removed, clean off all grime that has accumulated throughout their lifetime as well as remove any broken parts such as reflectors or glass lenses before reinstalling them back into position and tightening everything firmly with new screws!


As you can see installing new headlights on your Ford Super Duty Truck is a fairly simple process. The only time it might be difficult or take more than one hour of work would be if the wiring needed to run through new holes had been damaged in some way and required you to cut them, but that’s not very common thank goodness!

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